Editorial Guidelines

Core Principles

At Chicxville, we create and conceive every piece of content while keeping these core principles in concern.

Organization Over Clickbait

When talking about beauty chatter in the market, there is a lot on our list. However, we only care to provide our audiences with the best stuff. According to us, an intriguing headline is only beneficial if the content underneath it satisfies the reader. Our page does not claim to provide audiences with every single piece of information regarding the events happening in the beauty world. 

Neither do we try to lure our readers with the titles and headlines that under-deliver. Our content creators think only to provide information that may be harder to find and beneficial to your beauty journey. You can trust our articles as our prime goal is to come up with inspiring stories that may help our audiences to come up and feel seen in their everyday beauty regimen.

Reliable Information Is Influential

At Chicxville, we make sure to provide expert-approved information. Our reporters and content creators always interview recognized dieticians, physicians, dermatologists, makeup artists, personal trainers, and other relatable professionals before sharing any kind of beauty-related content. For this reason, our audiences can always trust our beauty tips, healthcare hacks, and any other fitness DIYs. Moving forward to our health-related topics, we make sure never to publish any kind of content without recognized and authorized quotes from board-certified and registered professionals.

Furthermore, all of our content pieces are checked or revised for accurate facts and reviewed multiple times by the higher board. Chicxville further acknowledges that the industry covers a series of wellness and health trends with a lack of scientific evidence. However, these are beneficial enough to be covered and brought to light. With enough experience, we make sure to remove the unnecessary and unrequired content while publicizing the necessary one. Our approach is to make sure that readers invest their savings and treatments that may prove beneficial.

Prioritizing Audiences

The prime goal behind publishing each of our articles and blogs is to make our readers feel confident, motivated, seen, and prioritized in the world of beauty and wellness. We care to find our inspiration from the most popular beauty trends, cosmetic discoveries, industry breakthroughs, and customer feedback. To keep giving us your valuable reviews, feel free to contact us through e-mail ([email protected])) or follow our profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Copy Editing

Chicxville strongly follows the standards and rules of journalistic integrity, which means providing accurate information without any kind of misrepresentation. Surely, we do have variety on our website, yet our writers make sure to provide truth-based content. For this reason, we have hired a professional grade team of experienced fact-checkers and copy editors who review and go through every sentence or statistic to come up with accurate results. 

Further, we rectify our content through proven medical research and updated information from authentic resources. In case, any of our articles are a result of our research rather than from a certified professional, our writers look for proof in medical journals. Also, we try to add citations of recognized and verified sources As it helps audiences to understand that the information they are reading is authentic.

Content Writing Team

Chicxville is not just any website for cooperators and content creators. unlike others, our goal is not to recreate content. Rather, we work to provide authentic and high-quality information, for which we have hired experienced and skilled writers from all over the industry. Our team has experience working in different fields and has proven to operate as professional grade critics. When hiring, we select and evaluate our team members on a potential basis of interest, experience, and personal skills. 

Sharing beauty-related content is not our prime motive. To come up with authentic information correctly, our contributors try to interview and collect facts from certified and authorized professionals. Hence, we are proud to let our audiences know that whenever they read any piece of content at Chicxville, it is rectified, revised, and collected utilizing medical professionals, recognized journals, and live interviews. In addition to all our efforts, we only provide created, error-proof, and plagiarism-free content. Our website holds no information gathered through artificial intelligence tools or robots.

Alterations And Updates

Besides giving all of our attention to accuracy, we focus on providing information that is latest and updated. Our content editors keep revising and updating content as per the latest trends and market conditions. However, if any of our readers find any kind of required alterations or amendments, feel free to connect with us ([email protected]) and let us know.

Equality And Variety

At Chicxville, we tend to cover every aspect of the beauty world while keeping variety in concern. Our team makes sure that the target audiences feel prioritized, seen, represented, and privileged at our platform regardless of their gender, race, age, and identity. We have been working hard to focus on individuals who are often left out and unrepresented. Letting such voices come up with their ideas and perspectives about the beauty world will help them lift and feel motivated. Because beauty is said to come in all sizes, colors, and shapes, we promise not to let anyone stay excluded from the circle. Our team will continue to stay updated, dedicated, and motivated toward the goal of including every individual without any racism. 

To make people and diversity our priority, we have also hired a team of experienced professionals to review content free of bias. The team is governed by our senior content creator Mackenzie Cooper, who makes sure to gather mixed reviews from every reader.

Editorial Ethics

Unlike our competitors, we have extended our network by connecting with multiple PR companies, salons, spas, cosmetic manufacturers, beauty brands, and fitness ventures. These professionals help us to find enough proof and evidence for our content pieces. Also, it is a great way to stay tuned to the latest industry trends And grab details about all clinical research, ingredient discoveries, and product launches in the market.

Furthermore, we make sure not to write about any product or treatments that we may not personally recommend to any of our readers. The content writers of our team only care to write about products and treatments that they trust. Keeping in mind that, our company does not accept any type of monetary compensation that will lead us to cover any products or brands.

Customer Reviews

Chicxville was created with the idea of providing useful information about health and beauty products that may help the beauty world grow. To ensure the authenticity of content, we only review the products that are highly recommended throughout the market. our network consists of multiple beauty experts who recommend us with products our audiences will love. Besides reviewing the products on our own, we have hired our trained team of reviewers who would test every product for us and provide a detailed review to help readers invest money the right way. 

Also, we provide multiple links throughout our content for the products that we make. By clicking on these links, you can help us to earn a commission. Nevertheless, we do not receive any type of compensation for providing reviews nor do we write paid content for any products. At one point, beauty brands and cosmetic manufacturers me provide us with their products for editorial considerations, yet the reviews that we provide are completely owned by us.