1980s Men’s Hair Fashion That You Must Try

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Published on May 10, 2024 Hair
1980s Men’s Hair Fashion That You Must Try

Fashion is a never-ending game. Trends come, people follow and then the trends disappear. In recent times all of us might have noticed that the early trends are being improvised and people have shown some keen interest in them. Similar is the case with the fashion of the 1980s. The 80s was the era of fashion and to date, people love to recreate those looks or take inspiration from the classical era. Be it fashion, appearance, or values, people of the 80s have crossed all the limits with their evergreen legacy. When we talk about men's hairstyles and what new could be done to their hair, one immediately migrates towards the classical era of the 1980s where people not only used to set their hair in a certain way, but their hairstyle spoke volumes regarding their personality and appearance. People with good hairstyles were highly appreciated and an aspiration to many out there.

80s hairstyles were the most anticipated back then till now. Men's fashion game didn't just lie within their clothes but was far away from what they wore. It was dependent upon the way they presented themselves. It was a topic of discussion back then how men had set their hair, how well-dressed they were, and were examined top to bottom for everything they did. The bold, edgy looks with voluminous hair was the staple. Every hair type had its charm and individuality, from straight, silky hair to curly, wavy hair. Whether you want to get the perfect retro hairstyle or trendy spikes, you can get inspiration from iconic 80s hairstyles that never go out of fashion. From the wide range of classic hairstyles that became famous in the 1980s, we’ll be checking out some retro hairstyles that give them a modern touch to slay your hairstyle game.

10 Best Men’s Hairstyle Inspirations from the 80s

Whenever we think about fashion, it's always about dressing but in the 80s fashion was beyond dressing and clothing. It was about everything you do. Similarly, men's hairstyles in the 80s were the most talked about topics. Those hairstyles depict your overall personality and what you aspire to become. In recent times, people love to try and test with their hair. There is no better inspiration available than the iconic, everlasting hairstyles from the 80s. From pop culture icons to influential fashionistas, everyone nailed the hairstyle game. 10 best 80s hairstyles are discussed here that can be done on any occasion based on the formality of the event and can make or break your entire fashion game. 



One of the most anticipated and wanted hairstyles of the 80s was Mullet. A hairstyle that is a mixture of conventional styling adding a bit of wildness to the entire look without being over the top. The hairstyle was mainly about going short from the top and front with neat and clean sides followed by long hair at the back. A hairstyle that suits most of the face cuts without making it a discomfort for people with bulky faces. A hairstyle that has been the trendsetter earlier and is back in trend providing the perfect statement haircut. 

Flat Top


Flat Top is one of those rare hairstyles that are specifically designed for textured hair as it is the only way one can achieve the perfect Flat Top look. A geometric hairstyle that allows your hair to rest at the top of the head

in a rectangular table shape. Blow-dry your hair straight up and let it sit still with the help of hairstyling products. This 80s hairstyle comes with no complications and can be easily created by giving a modern touch to it. With less styling and effort, create the perfect look with the boldest haircuts for men that suit every face shape. 

Spikey Hair


Spikey Hair is all about length and healthy hair having the texture to be held up and pointed. The sharp pointed spikey look can be constructed by using a fine-tooth comb incorporated with a good quality gel in good amounts. Spikey hair gives a bold appearance, making your face look well-structured and giving modern vibes. The trend for spikes comes and goes but always remains in fashion.You can get your spikes made at any salon as it is the most well-suited hairstyle for formal occasions. 

Tall Mohawk


Mohawk is the statement that looks for boldness, wildness, and rebelliousness. With all the attention at the center, the hairstyle is best suited for people with long faces. Paired up with a full beard and faded sides giving the sharp, edgy look. However, for a tall mohawk, you can slightly slick back your hair making a bold statement. For a shorter hawk, you can slightly curl up your hair inwards which eliminates spikes yet gives the straight-up-haired look. 

Punk Look


Punk Look was famous due to its rebellious appearance as people were attracted to wild things back then. A hairstyle that was bold, vivid, and eye-catching for individuals. The prominent look can be achieved by keeping the top of the hair lengthy and going shorter for the sides. The hair is held straight up towards the sky and made to standstill with the help of hairspray or gel giving the frozen effect. Billy Idol's sunlit spikes were a great inspiration back then. Get the perfect, exaggerated spikey look with the help of the mentioned details. 

The Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks was one of the statement hairstyles for pop artists in the early 80s. This men's hairstyle from the 80s became famous due to some famous well-known rockstars who preferred having this Bohemian-inspired aesthetic hairstyle. Related to the Rastafarian culture, the people chose to continue the legacy and the style has never been out of fashion since then. Take sections of your hair and dread and knot them together neatly to get the perfect Dreadlocks look. 

Long Waves


80s hair was all about statement looks with boldness submerged in every hairstyle.Long hair never goes out of fashion but what if you can style your long hair giving the perfect volume and wave you have always wanted? Well, if you have shoulder-length hair, you can slay your curly hair game with this iconic long-wave hairstyle. Get the sexy, masculine look effortlessly by just using sea salt spray which enhances natural curls and suits well for hair with good lengths.  


80s trends and fashion have kept on inspiring the generation of today but while looking back at the trends, one needs to make sure that what suits their personality. When it comes to hair, your face shape matters the most. Although several best choices are there for your rescue but to make the right choice is in your hands. From slick back and mullet inspired by short hair to long waves and feathered hair well-suited for lengthy hair, men have a variety of 80s hairstyles that can be chosen. You can keep up with the trends by getting inspiration from the classical 80s and making them your go-to hairstyle for any event. 

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