Celeb-Favorite Skincare Wand To Get The Red Carpet Glow

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Published on Dec 15, 2023 Celebrities
Celeb-Favorite Skincare Wand To Get The Red Carpet Glow

Until last month, the concept of a facial was something I never had a thought of and also had no time for because of the busy schedule. For beauty enthusiasts, this might sound like a revelation. To be honest, my journey into makeup and skincare is a recent development. The task of building a curly hair routine and exploring new fashion brands had monopolized my schedule. However, when the chance arose for some "me time" and a spa session courtesy of Solawave, I couldn't resist.

Although the idea of a facial made me a bit apprehensive, given my super-sensitive skin the prospect of trying out the facial wand that had inundated my Instagram feed intrigued me. And of course spotted so many celebrities and celebrity stylists hyping the wand. Well, I instantly ordered it and had my experience with it so, let me take you through that.

Celeb-Favorite Skincare Wand Review

Oh my, what should I say about my skin? It's just not good to me (sensitive I mean). And that's the reason I always end up wasting my money on products and skincare tools, so I always take a deep look at everything before buying from now on. As I have spotted so many celebrities, influencers and even one my friend hyping the celeb-approved wand I instantly go with it. While I don't follow a strict skincare routine every night, I do indulge in ice facials a few times a month.

Skincare Wand

Here comes the celeb-fav wand which I have been spotting for so long and truly wanted to get my hands on it! As my skin is too sensitive I always think twice (thrice or even more, actually) before investing into something new, but well I just did get myself this one and ahead is what happened! My usual routine involves cleansing, a quick pat-dry, and a moment for my skin to breathe. Then comes the application of a lightweight, non-sticky Renew Complex Activating Serum, that too comes from the same brand. When the wand touched my skin, an immediate cool sensation ensued, thanks to the serum's magic, allowing the wand to glide effortlessly. As time passed, my face warmed up, prompting me to cap the session at two minutes initially, gradually extending it to five.

The first use didn't reveal a significant change, but the serum's hydrating effect was palpable, leaving my skin feeling smoother. By the third day, a subtle glow emerged, redness diminished, and a blemish began its retreat. Astonishingly, this petite device made a noticeable impact on my skin. After a fortnight with the Solawave Wand & Serum, the results were striking. Redness and eye puffiness significantly reduced, new blemishes were a rarity, and my skin embraced a newfound smoothness. The overall tightening and radiant glow became my skin's new normal.

How To Use Solawave Skincare Wand?

So, now you must be wondering how to actually use this device, no worries, I got your back. Let me make you quickly understand how this celeb-favorite wand works:
For optimal results, I suggest gliding the wand gently across your face, following an upward and outward motion. Cover each area, starting with the forehead, then move on to the cheeks, under the eyes, jaw, neck, and upper lip. Given my skin's quick absorption, I recommend applying a generous amount of serum to maintain hydration while using the wand. Feel free to reapply if your skin thirsts for more.

The Solawave Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy & Serum Kit advises a nightly routine, starting with five minutes and gradually extending to around thirty minutes. Ensure your face is clean and dry before serum application. The instructions advocate for a mask-like layer of serum, as the wand works best on well-hydrated skin. Through my experience, I've found that a delicate touch is key, and avoid harshly dragging the wand across your skin.

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