An Ultimate Hair Care Guide to 3a Hair

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Published on Jun 04, 2024 Hair
An Ultimate Hair Care Guide to 3a Hair

3a hair, most of the time, is difficult to differentiate because of the presence of both waves and curls. More specifically,  3a hair is loosely coiled and has a springy texture which changes into loose waves when you take a shower. The process of Identifying your hair type becomes puzzling if you have taken several hair treatments that involve immense heat. This happens because your hair loses natural curls and takes an ample amount of time to regain its original texture. 

As a result, you don’t find the right guide for your hair and keep on struggling with frizzy hair. So how would you know the exact texture of your hair? Below is the image given which can help you differentiate between different hair types and help you find yours: 

If you are unable to differentiate between 2c, 3a, and 3b hair, then let me tell you that this confusion is universal. What happens is that sometimes our hair is a mixture of different hair types as follicles are responsible for generating hair without the involvement of surrounding hair follicles. You need to remember that 2c hair has more waves, 3a hair has more curls, and 3b hair has less wider spirals than 3a hair.

Now let’s discuss what the main problem is about! Let’s say you know your hair type land that is 3a so what you should do next? First of all 3a hair type gives you quite a tough time to deal with as curly hair is more prone to damage and frizz which becomes difficult to handle, especially in the time of events. Therefore, we have come up with a 3a hair care guide which can be the ultimate solution to your problem. 

What is the Cause of Frizziness Type 3a Hair? 

Frizzy hair is indeed unmanageable and has an uncontrollable texture. Before jumping onto the solutions let’s become aware of the reasons for frizz hair.

  • Combing dry hair leads to friction
  • Dryness in environment 
  • Your hair is unable to retain moisture
  • Excessive use of blow dry, straighteners, curlers and other appliances takes away essential oils from your hair.
  • Take frequent treatments such as keratin, rebinding, and relaxing which destroy your hair with chemicals.

What You Are Required To Do? 

Say No To Heat And Chemical Treatments: 

Chemical treatments are also one of the reasons why you remain unfamiliar with your hair type. Such treatments loosen your curls and turn beautiful spirals into frizzy and wavy-like structures. One of the major drawbacks of these treatments is the loss of hair's ability to retain moisture. The cell surface of our hair is abundant in lipid content so that humidity can be maintained. The loss of lipid content due to severe chemicals and heat makes hair dry, brittle and prone to damage. 

Whenever you are straightening or curling your hair, make sure you use heat protectant spray to avoid further damage. 

This All-in-one Dola Hair Heat Protectant Spray can also be used for conditioning, smooth finishing, and styling your hair. It is for all hair types including 3a hair. It helps detangle your hair and make it frizz-free. Apply it on your damp hair starting from the middle length and to the ends. Once applied, take a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. If the comb is not available, use your fingers. 

Use Deep Conditioner 


By using a deep conditioner, the moisture essential for hair can be retained. As we already know, 3a hair is more curly and has a wider circumference so it is difficult to retain moisture in abundance. Deep conditioners seal the outer hair cuticle to avoid loss of moisture and help obtain smoother hair texture. As a result, your hair does not become brittle and dry which leads to hair loss. 

The fusion conditioner by Wella Professionals is specially designed for damaged hair. It smoothly detangles hair, makes it less prone to breakage, and provides hair with resilience and elasticity. It has some important ingredients such as silk amino acids and micronized lipids that help restore the lipid content of the cells at the surface of hair. 

Before applying, make sure your hair is damp and clean. Leave it on your hair for 30 seconds and then rinse thoroughly. 

Don’t Overuse Silicon Products

Silicon products do give shine to your hair but in the longer run they induce damage in unimaginable ways. Overuse of silicones leads to brittleness due to the silicone buildup on the hair surface. This barrier does not let nutrients penetrate and also strips off natural oils from hair. 

The silicone buildup changes the hair texture by weighing curls down. The curls become flattened and lose their original texture. 

Don’t Overwash


For 3a hair type particularly, try washing your hair only once a week as overwashing hair damages cuticles and makes them prone to breakage.  It also takes away bounce and life from ringlets. Instead, wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoo and use a deep conditioner to maintain the frizz-free texture. 

Use this nourishing and sulfate-free shampoo by Nexxus to restore your 3a hair glam. It not only smoothens your hair but also hydrates and moisturizes it to reduce the brittleness of hair. 

Handle Your Hair Gently

Let your curls bounce freely and enjoy their texture without frequent interruption. Over-combing your hair makes it prone to breakage, especially when you do it harshly. Most importantly, brush your hair only when wet so that once it becomes dry, it can regain its original texture easily. To avoid excessive breakage, make use of a wide-tooth comb.

Time To Use Silk Pillowcase and Microfiber Towel

Silk pillowcases help reduce friction and breakage. With a cotton pillowcase, your hair becomes entangled as it produces friction. A silk pillowcase or scarf reduces friction and doesn’t let your hair get tangled. The same is true with a microfiber towel that doesn’t create friction as it is soft and lightweight, so your hair remains frizz-free.

The silk pillowcase by Suatien Is specially designed to reduce friction on curly hair by not absorbing moisture from it. As a result, your hair remains smooth and shiny. The material is durable, soft, wrinkle-free, and easy to care for. 

The microfiber salon hair towels are offered by Fromm which is durable, absorbs moisture 3 times quicker than cotton towels, and also dries hair 3 times faster. Before using a hair dryer, make sure you dry hair with a microfiber towel so that excess moisture is absorbed and there is less damage from heat.


Hairfall, breakage, and losing curly texture make you feel frustrated but not anymore! We have come up with a 3a hair guide that will help you achieve your desired hair texture. Moreover, you’ll able to differentiate 3a hair from other hair types which will help you to follow a proper hair care routine. This article will help you identify where the problem is coming from so that you can improve the condition of your hair. Remember, consistency and patience is the key. Be consistence with the hair care routine and within a few months, you’ll see the improvement. The above requirements will help you achieve your original bouncy, silky, and smooth ringlets which you can slay in all events including weddings, parties, dinners, get-togethers, farewells, and formal events. Now you will no longer need to make different hairstyles to hide the poor condition of your hair. Be confident and be happy the way you are!

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