Emma Stone Natural Hair Color and It’s Secret Hair Care Routine

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Published on Mar 21, 2024 Celebrities
Emma Stone Natural Hair Color and It’s Secret Hair Care Routine

It's time to explore the intriguing life of Emma Stone and her actual hair color as well as the secret of her hair care that she keeps in secret. Or how about the time when you thought that Emma Stone's hair was red, but she revealed in an interview that it is naturally blond? It’s true! Emma has fallen in love with the bright red hair and it now became her distinctive trademark feature. Talking about her secret hair care routine, she is very meticulous in taking good care of her hair. Ranging from applying nourishing hair masks in order to maintain her color, to getting regular trims and using heat protectants, Emma admires to keep her hair healthy and nice. Interested in knowing what she uses behind her well-manageable hair? Keep reading. 

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Secret Behind The Emma Stone Natural Hair Color and her Hair Care Routine 

Along the way Emma has already made her long hair the favorite topic of discussion in the entertainment industry and you were wondering how Emma Stone got that flawless hairdo? To be honest, I can’t tell you everything, but I’ll give you a small peek into it. It is a common knowledge that Emma is quite conscientious, particularly about her hair. Through this she keeps her hair hydrated and glossy using moisture-rich hair masks. She is equally careful to make sure she keeps her vibrant red color uncompromised by using effective color protecting items. Keeping her hair clean by regular trims allows her to get rid of split ends and feely passionate. These are just some few secrets to her routine. Keeping the hair perpetually gorgeous is where its at.

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Regular trims:

Emma stone literally try to get a trim every 6 months when she becomes conscious about it and so on like cases,” she told Glamour. She believes that this haircut-upkeep helps having healthy and silk hair growth. It was further told by Lars Skjoth, Founder & Head Scientist of Harklinikken, Women’s Health previously, that when you cut your hair, you eliminate the split ends that would otherwise make the hair appear shorter.

Wash Hair Daily:

In one of her interviews with Refinery29, Emma confessed that she has to wash her hair on daily basis. She also claimed that she doesn’t have to wash it, but it’s rotten if she doesn’t want to look like she just jumped out of a pool. So Emma secret also includes shampooing hair daily. 

Whatever hair color she wears, she doesn't let her style get old:

Consider the fact that Emma has naturally blonde hair. For some of us, her infamously perfect dye job was so convincing that we never assumed it was synthetic. Cunningham works hair magic with only one secret: Redken Shade EQ adds a turning shine. This is the only product she has ever been able to use on Emma, Cuningham has said to Refinery 29. 

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She’d hold on to her elegant red-carpet style for many days:

Celebrities beyond doubt are us just like we are. Emma Stone does just what you do when you get your hair professionally done: Never indeed washing it for many days. Why don’t you try to beat the odds and choose the professional styling for several days? I bet you’d love this idea.

Emma Stone is multi-talented and ever-practical in her hairstyle changes that she impersonates. She frequently mixes up her appearance when playing different roles or attending different events. Nevertheless, while she sometimes can maintain one hairstyle for several days, one can guess, that there are a few reasons for that. For example, she has found a style she feels really good in and looks confident wearing, so she decides to stick with it for a while. Another reason is that it could get considering the practicality and convenience. Occasionally, just keeping the consistent hairstyle for a couple of days can be an easy way to manage her hair rather than doing the styling every day. At the end of the day, it's really about which style choices make her feel the most comfortable and like the best version of herself.

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Emma’s Hairstylist Takes Care Of Her Hair:

As Emma's hairstylist namely Mara Roszak is her best friend and looks after her hair. Therefore, she grooms or specifically styles her hair frequently. She is the one to thank for those forehead-grazing bangs or flawless bedhead hairstyles. When asked, she told that Emma is naturally blessed with amazing hair, apart from a natural wave, they aren’t too frizzy. So, she can just brush it. Or if she wants waves, she has texture ready to be curled with a heated wand. She comes with some of her top recommended products that are great for Emma's hair as a matter of fact. 


Emma Stone may naturally be blonde, but it is her amazing red hair that she has become famous for. A secret hair care hack that ensures healthy and vibrant hair of hers is none other than her secret hair care routine. Emma keeps her color protected, trims her hair regularly, masks it with nutritious ingredients and whenever possible, uses the heat protectant products to prevent damage. Thus, her hair always looks like top-notch. Her love for hair care is written all over her fabulous and jaw-dropping mane. Now you are a little aware of Emma stone's natural hair color and her secrets behind the beautiful hair locks.

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