Best Fashion Clothes to Beat the Heat in Summer

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Published on Jun 03, 2023 Fashion
Best Fashion Clothes to Beat the Heat in Summer

Vibing about summer mostly revolves around beating the heat and staying cool. It is the season for dropping layers and slipping into comfortable clothing. When talking about summer fashion, various trends fancy the streets every year. However, since the heat wave seems everlasting, folks are curious about their looks.

Extreme humidity and heat often lead to makeup meltdowns, greasy appearances, and sweaty stains. From planning a summer wedding to spending a day at the beach, all plans depend on one question? What to wear in this extreme heat?

We have gone through this season's fashion blogs and created a list of answers.

Summer Fashion Clothes to Beat the Heat

Because summer is already here, we have prepared a list of the best outfits that you can wear.

Lighter Color Dresses

Summers work well with lighter color dresses. Try to keep softer colors in your wardrobe, like purple, green, sky blue, and pink. People avoid slipping into darker shades under the sun as they make you feel hotter.

Lighter Color Dress
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It is because light colors reflect heat while dark ones absorb it. Wearing a breathable fabric or a short dress won’t help if you keep wearing bold colors. 

Comfy Shorts

Trade your heavy denim for comfortable shorts. No wonder denim serves as a staple wear for any season. Yet you can switch it with lightweight denim shorts. Also, there are other options that you can pick up for shorts.

Comfy Shorts
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For instance, invest in swimming shorts, tennis shorts, or running shorts. Pair these with your favorite tops, tanks, and T-shirts for a comfy look. 

Breathable Footwear

Most people are furious about their footwear in the hotter season. Hence, it is better to slip into breathable footwear while going out. Try wearing slides or flip-flops to avoid sweating.

Breathable Footwear
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Otherwise, pick canvas footwear to nail your summer look. Besides looking cooler, it helps air to pass through. You can pair it up with almost every dress. 

White T-shirt

White makes the signature color for summer. From party wears to casual dresses, everything in white looks promising under the sun. However, a white t-shirt is an ideal pick to nail your summer look.

White T-shirt
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Pair it up with your favorite denim and shoes while you fancy the streets.  It makes the ideal choice for parties and gatherings regardless of day or night. 

Summer-Friendly Fabrics

Besides choosing the right clothing, summer fashion also depends on the fabric you wear. Below is a list of fabrics that make an ideal choice for the hotter season.


Linen makes a great fabric for summer. It is popular for its lightweight fibers and breathability. You can wear it throughout the hotter season as it is highly absorbent. Also, linen offers a natural texture that makes it ideal for summer fashion.


Most people opt for cotton during summertime. It is available in various textures and styles that help you to look trendy. Being a breathable and lightweight fabric, it is highly recommended by fashion experts. Also, it has absorbing properties that keep you from sweating.


For those who have not heard of chambray before, it is the perfect summer fabric. It has a denim-like texture and is the coolest cotton blend to avoid sweat. A variety of outfits are available in Chambray to enhance your closet during the season. Wear casuals and formals in this fabric to nail your look.


Khaki is also a blend of cotton which makes it the best choice for summer. It is adored for its adaptability, breathability, and lightweight texture. Folks can slip into khaki shorts, trousers, shirts, and tees while they go out. It helps to give a formal look without compromising on comfort level. The fabric has a neutral color which makes it easy to pair with other colors.


Most fashion experts prefer viscose in summer due to its highly absorbent nature. It is a lightweight and breathable fabric produced from natural fibers. Folks can find it in t-shirts and polo shirts easily. The natural drape of this fabric makes it easy to hang in the summer closet.

The Takeaway

There are plenty of ways through which you can follow summer fashion easily. Not everything relies upon slipping into the best clothes. One must have a good sense of the fabric and the accessories that you carry.

Besides wearing breathable and comfortable outfits, give attention to waterproof makeup. Also, try to cover yourself in light layers to avoid the bad effects of the scorching sun. Wear scarves and hats to nail your overall look.

Feel free to share your reviews about the options stated earlier. What else do you think can help you to look fashionable in summer? Do share your summer wardrobe staples with us in the comments below. Also, Name the best colors to wear during summertime.

Felicia Cope
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