How to Do Perfect Hush Cut for Every Type of Hair

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How to Do Perfect Hush Cut for Every Type of Hair

Today’s generation is not crazy but ‘Krazy' when it comes to fashion and entertainment. The ‘K' here is to explain the popularity of Korean industry nowadays. More youngsters are attracted to K-dramas and K-pop. Most of us have at least one BTS fan around us.

Many of us have seen the popular Squid Game that took over Netflix by storm. Similarly, when it comes to fashion, men and women are highly attracted to Korean clothing and hairstyles. It is where the adorable hush cut enters the discussion.

The haircut has been trending all over the UK and USA. It has become a viral trend on TikTok with more than 84 million views throughout the network. Before we dive deeper into the discussion about #hushcut, let us know what this haircut looks like.

What Is a Hush Cut?

The hush cut explains a hairstyle that is softer like its name and delicate in appearance. It is all about layers that flawlessly distribute hair in terms of weight and length. You can enjoy a bunch of attractive wispy bangs that do your forehead magic. In addition, divas prefer stylish and smooth face-framing layers that depend upon hair length and volume.

Originated in Korea, the hush cut earned popularity really quickly. Being a unique and stylish hairstyle, it came out to the public through popular celebrities like Billie Eilish, Sydney Sweeney, Jenna Ortega, and Hoyeon Jung. Moreover, it is endorsed by none other than the famous fashion icon and singer, Rihanna. Experts believe that this haircut is mostly loved as it is easy to adapt to any hair length and type.


According to an expert celebrity colorist and brand ambassador at L’Oréal Professional, Min Kim, “A hush cut is a modern and versatile haircut that aims to achieve a balance between length and style.” Adding proof and evidence to the all-around behavior of this style, she further explained, “A hush cut can work well for a wide range of face shapes, as it’s customized to flatter individual features.

Benefits Of Hush Cut

While the hush cut has gained popularity with time, it offers a variety of benefits to its owners. Below, we have highlighted a few of the most approved benefits of trying hush cuts.

  • It Requires Little Maintenance

Most women nowadays prefer low-maintenance hairstyles due to their busy routines. The hush cut interestingly, makes a perfect choice for this reason. it consists of stylish and blended layers that continue to grow in shape for a pretty long time.  

Hence, you do not need to rush to the parlor every now and then. Moreover, the hush cut is an ideal choice for divas who wish to show off their hair gracefully.

  • It Promises Versatility

The hush cut is independent of hair length, type, and texture. It is one of the most versatile haircuts for women. No matter if your locks are wavy, silky, curly, or straight. The hush cut sits perfectly as per your length and particular texture.

Experts recommend different types of hairstyles using this cut. What’s more, it is the compatibility of this haircut with multiple facial features. It means, this haircut is for everyone and caters to almost every face shape.

  • It Enhances Your Appearance

The hush cut is an ideal choice for fashionista girls who wish to opt for a go-to hairstyle every time. It makes you appear elegant and sassy at the same time. Divas can easily let their locks fall on their shoulders and embrace their bangs with little effort.

Most here experts recommend this hairstyle with almost every outfit and for a variety of situations. you can wear it to a professional conference with your button-down shirt or let it refine your ensemble in a party wear on your first date.

  • It Keeps Your Hair Healthy

Another benefit of the hush cut is its health-friendliness. you are not required to apply special serums or go through various treatments for this type of cut. Women can carry this haircut without excessive hair styling.  

As a result, your hair remains more natural and keeps away from the chances of being damaged.

How To Get the Hush Cut in Your Favor?

While the hush card is versatile and face-friendly, it still requires a lot of attention, observation, and professional grade performance from a hair expert. Because it works well for almost every year length and type, it is necessary for you to be clear about the style you want.

To understand the hush cut at a better level, we interviewed and discussed it with multiple hair stylists and experts all over the industry. It is when we came across the founders of The Hair Bros, Nick Latham and Sean Paul Nother.


On asking the duo about how to get the perfect hush cut, they replied, “As always, choose your stylist wisely. Check out their work online and take your time during your consultation.”

The two also explained how a pair of scissors works differently for every texture and length. That is why they recommend sharing a picture or two with the stylist before getting this haircut. In addition to this, would be able to share a few basic steps that may help you achieve this cut easily.

How To Try the Hush Cut at Home?

to achieve the hush cut at home, give attention to a few steps discussed further.

1.    Gather The Required Tools

Just like any hairstylist would do, make sure to have all the necessary tools that you may need for a hush cut. The items that you may need for this type of haircut include,

  •     A pair of haircutting scissors
  •     A set of hair clips
  •     A fine toothcomb
  •     A spray bottle
  •     A handheld mirror

2.    Wash And Dry Your Hair

before you start, make sure to wash your hair clean. now let them air dry perfectly as it will help you understand the original texture and length of your hair.

3.    Divide Your Hair into Sections

To cut your hair like a pro, make sure to section your hair into manageable portions. the basic division of hair consists of four sections including the top, bottom, and two sides. 

Now, let go of one section on which you want to work. Clip the remaining three portions using different hair clips to keep your locks in place.

4.    Get Rid of Split Ends

it is recommended to always start with the rare section when cutting here at home. Use the fine-tooth comb to thoroughly comb your hair in this portion. Now, trim the ends of this portion horizontally and remove any split ends for a better look.

5.    Start Creating Layers

Move to the top section to start creating layers. Remember that layers are the basic requirement of a hush cut that brings originality to the texture. Hence, hold a small portion of here from the top section.

Grab them between your fingers to create layers. The right way to do this is to hold the scissors upwards and cut small sections vertically.

6.    Add A Finish to Your Bangs

Women with bangs must follow this step. hold small portions of your banks in between your fingers It makes small vertical cuts while keeping your scissors in an upward direction. it will help you to texturize your bangs while adding volume and movement.

7.    Blend The Remaining Sides

Now, it is time to work on the two remaining sides. Let go of each portion at a time and blend it smoothly with the layers that you have created on the top. Hold your scissors and try to soften the edges of both sides to give them a flowy look.

8.    Finalize By Checking for The Balance

No matter what haircut you are trying, it is necessary to always check for balance after every step. Use the handheld mirror and confirm the symmetry by focusing on all the angles. Look at the back of your hair to know if the locks are cut evenly from every side.

remember that balance is necessary to achieve a professional grade hush cut.

Different Types of Hush Cut

Because the hush cut is a trending hairstyle, we have shared the popular types of hush cut below.

Hush Cut for Long Hair


The hush cut can work wonders with longer locks. it adds texture to your strands and makes them flow in style. Also, it adds a flowy movement to your locks that enhances your facial features.

Hush Cut for Short Hair


Not everyone’s fond of long hair. Hence, if you prefer having shorter locks, try this type of hush cut. it makes you look stylish and adds extra volume to your hair. Also, it can help you look modern and trendy.

Hush Cut for Shoulder-Length Hair


The shoulder-length hair cut hairstyle is another option for fashionista women. it can make you look different from your everyday look. Most hairstyles do not do not fancy medium hair length. However, this type of haircut is perfect for shoulder length too.

Hush Cut with Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs are one of the most popular trends among TikTok users and other social media celebrities. it gives a sassy look and blends your bangs with the top layers. This type of hash cut gives a flowy movement and texture to your hair.

Hush Cut with Bangs


No matter where the trend goes, bangs remain one of the most popular signature hairstyles that can transform your look completely. Mix it with the trendy hush cut to achieve the look from your dreams and get yourself a lovely makeover.

Are You Ready to Try the Hush Cut?

After going through this article, we hope you have understood the hush cut. it gives a different vibe with its face-framing layers and wispy bangs. This type of haircut can give your personality a new taste. it's understood and viewed this cut clearly, do you wish to give it a try?

let us know in the comments below. Also, feel free to share your pictures if you have tried this cut. What type of hash cut is your favorite?

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