Why Fenty Skin Tint By Rihanna Wins Hearts Worldwide

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Published on Dec 08, 2023 Celebrities
Why Fenty Skin Tint By Rihanna Wins Hearts Worldwide

Fenty Beauty is known for its attention-grabbing products, and the latest addition, the Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint, stirred up quite a buzz online. While Fenty has already established itself as a powerhouse in complexion products, this new launch caters to those seeking a lighter touch. Previously, Fenty's foundation offerings leaned towards super-full coverage, satisfying many fans. However, the Eaze Drop responds to the call for variety in makeup routines, especially as we embrace lighter looks for the upcoming summer. This skin tint, the brand's inaugural one, boasts 25 adaptable shades that align with Fenty's existing foundation range.

The Eaze Drop stands out with its buildable light-to-medium coverage, effortless application using fingertips, and a long-lasting formula. Achieving a natural finish, it's equipped with the "Quick Blur Complex" designed to blur pores and wrinkles. Promising resilience against humidity, sweat, and transfer, this non-comedogenic product is here to make its mark. So, ahead you will find everything you need to know before getting your hands on the Fenty skin tint, and it will surely be easy for you to understand how it works and all.

Fenty Skin Tint Review

Let's dive into the packaging first—it's a petite (plastic) piece that fits snugly in my hand, incredibly lightweight. The white cap twists off, revealing a tiny nozzle for dispensing the product. I'm quite fond of this packaging; its compact size is perfect for travel, and the control it offers is impressive. Give it a good shake, then gently squeeze for a precise, drop-by-drop release—no messy continuous stream.

Fenty Skin Tint

Priced at $35 for 32 ml, it falls into the "mid-market" category—between drugstore and high-end luxury. Personally, I didn't shell out cash for this; it was a gift. However, for a foundation I adore and that suits me well, I'm willing to invest in this price range. The decision is personal, though. While drugstores offer lightweight, buildable options, duplicating the overall blurring effect of this product might be a challenge. The texture is slightly thick, a liquid that moves slowly down your hand if you're not cautious. I prefer applying a drop and a half to my face, dabbing and blending with clean fingers. The seamless blend extends across various bases and primers, from skincare to sunscreen and even glowy ones like Glossier Future Dew—no bunching or patchiness.

Despite being labeled a "skin tint," I find it to be more of a very buildable light-to-medium coverage foundation, aligning with the current trend of sheer "no makeup-makeup" products. While the term might be a tad misleading, the product's versatility allows for sheer-to-light application with just a drop and a half. Attempting additional layers increases coverage but risks a more noticeable presence on the skin.


What I have to say is that not everything works the same for everyone but the number of good reviews I heard and how I had a great experience with Fenty skin tint myself is screaming “worth it”. So, I would definitely recommend you to get your hands on this if you want something subtle yet enough coverage for everyday use or even for big events.

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