The Ultimate Guide To Maximizing Your Glossier Makeup Bag

Mackenzie Cooper Written by Mackenzie Cooper
Published on Dec 05, 2023 Makeup
The Ultimate Guide To Maximizing Your Glossier Makeup Bag

It’s high time we skip those tiny makeup pouches where we have to spend minutes finding that particular lip pencil or liner under a lot of our big bottles of makeup products, and Glossier understood the assignment very clearly! Well, If you ask me I always loved Glossier and the products and quality it offers. Without a doubt so many of my skincare and makeup problems are not in my life just because of Glossier products, Can’t thank enough! From switching non-staying lipstick tint to Glossier cloud paint and breaking out from trying harsh cleansers to opting for Glossier jelly cleanser is how my life changed in a great way. So, yes, I gave their other product a try to keep my makeup and skincare products in place. Let’s see if Glossier Makeup Bag is worth buying?

Glossier Makeup Bag Review

Just like my skin and makeup look changed because of Glossier, there was one more product that changed my life in so many ways that I can’t even explain! I was using a small pouch to store all my makeup products a few times back, until I discovered another holy grail of the brand, Glossier Makeup Bag! I was just too tired of finding my mini makeup products in a huge mess and unorganized space of a pouch and then I came across Glossier Beauty Bag. At first I checked out all the details of the bag, red reviews, starred pictures until I spotted a lot of zip closures and spacious details and ta-da I just ordered It! I knew at the very first glance that spending an amount of $40 on a Glossier Makeup Bag would be worth it.

Glossier Makeup Bag

So, I can already hear the collective eye rolls—yes, Glossier got me again, and you know what? Zero regrets. The Beauty Bag made its grand entrance snugly nestled in its Glossier dust bag, a detail that, as a handbag enthusiast, I couldn't help but appreciate. Upon unzipping it, I was smitten. It swiftly became the chic haven for all my makeup essentials, and let me tell you, it can handle a ton.

Before the Beauty Bag graced my life, my cosmetic pouch was a relic—a YSL Beauty bag in crushed velvet that probably came free with my purchase a few years ago, complete with a toothpaste stain. Calling the Beauty Bag an upgrade doesn't quite capture it. Thanks to its clever design with a removable felt insert, I can stuff it with all my beauty treasures in an orderly and easily accessible manner. No more frantic searches in a tiny, endless pit for that elusive lip gloss—it now resides proudly in its designated spot right next to my Cloud Paint.

Final Words

So, what do you expect? You already know how obsessed I am already with this bag and its great features. There’s only a few products we buy that actually do what they claim and this Glossier Beauty Bag is one of them! I am glad my search for the perfect, spacious, trendy, and high-quality bag that actually helps me in daily life is over, because this bag is ride or die now. Lastly, Glossier’s makeup bag is a game-changer for sure, there might be other cosmetic bags out there, but trust me, none quite like this one.

Mackenzie Cooper
Mackenzie Cooper
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