7 Different Types Of Hair Colors You Need To Try

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Published on Jul 11, 2023 Hair
7 Different Types Of Hair Colors You Need To Try

75% of women in the US dye their hair in today’s age. Go for it if you've had your eye on a particular hair color for a time. You can find a way to make any color—red, pink, brown, or black—work for you. Changes in hair color are simple. If it's been difficult for you to decide on your next hair color, you may not have given unusual hair colors enough thought.

Have some fun and show off something more original rather than picking out yet another shade of blonde, brunette, black, or red. If you feel ready to ditch your go-to hair colors for a fresh look, it's the ideal approach to make a statement. There is something for every skin tone, level of comfort, and personality because fun hair colors and hairstyles exist in a wide range of hues and variations. 

Beautiful Types Of Hair Colors You Need To Try

Following is a list of 07 beautiful hair colors:

Platinum Blond

Platinum Blond Hair

The hair color market must have a platinum blond hair color. A gorgeous and eye-catching hair color, like platinum blonde color, can completely change the way you look. Something you need to know about platinum blonde is that this almost white-looking blonde color is extremely light. If you have darker hair, it might be an important difference, but it can also make you seem cool and edgy.

The process of bleaching or whitening your hair to eliminate the original pigmentation is frequently necessary to achieve champagne brunette locks. Your hair must be strengthened and moisturized to prepare it for this potentially destructive operation.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold hair is a stunning and fashionable hair color that combines pink and gold tones to produce a gentle, romantic color. Rose gold hair color takes maintenance to preserve its brilliant appearance, just like any other hair color. Touch-up sessions can be required because the color can fade over time. Using sulfate-free, color-safe hair care products can help the color last longer. 

Regular toning procedures can also help revive the pink and gold tones. Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of rose gold hair. It has a delicate, romantic color because of the combination of pink and gold tones.

Pastel Color

Pastel Color Hair

Lavender, baby blue, and soft pink are a few examples of pastel hair colors that create a charming and dreamlike appearance. These colors typically have a delicate, light feel, giving off a soft, feminine appearance. Soft and light hues known as pastels are frequently connected to a fanciful and dreamlike style. 

It’s vital to keep in mind that pastel hair colors frequently require pre-lightening or bleaching to achieve these colors, especially if you have darker hair. Furthermore, pastel hair colors deteriorate more quickly than conventional hair colors do.


Balayage Hair

Balayage is a method rather than a particular shade of color. For a natural, sun-kissed look, highlights are hand-painted onto the hair. Balayage is a simple to maintain color technique that can be applied in a variety of colors. In the popular hair coloring process known as "balayage," accents are hand-painted onto the hair to create an unprocessed, sun-kissed appearance. 

A versatile and natural-looking hair color option called balayage is available, and it can improve your physical appearance as a whole. The technique's adaptability and inexpensive upkeep needed have aided in its recent rise in popularity.

Red Copper

Red Copper Hair

Red copper hair may be the ideal choice if you wish to project a strong, fiery appearance. This striking red color with orange undertones gives your hair warmth and depth while making an arresting entrance. Red and copper tones are richly blended to create the fiery and bright hair color known as red copper. It produces a brash and striking appearance.  

To keep the color vivid, red copper hair may need frequent upkeep. Utilizing color-safe hair care products, limiting sun exposure, and avoiding excessive washing are all good ideas because red tones tend to fade more quickly than other colors.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown Hair

Consider choosing chocolate brown hair for a luxurious and timeless appearance. Dark chocolate-like in hue, this tone is rich and deep. It has a timeless appeal and blends beautifully with different skin tones. Dark chocolate-colored dark brown is a rich, deep shade of brown that is reminiscent of hair. 

A variety of skin tones can be complemented by this timeless and adaptable hair color option.  Warm, brown tones with hints of crimson or amber undertones that are characteristic of chocolate brown hair. It's a deep brown color that ranges in brightness from medium to dark chocolate tones.

Silver And Grey

Silver And Grey Hair

In recent years, it has become more and more common to embrace your natural gray hair or purposefully dye it silver or gray. Depending on the color and style, this chic and sophisticated look can be both elegant and current. 

In recent years, silver or gray hair has grown in popularity as a chic and elegant option. Whether you want to purposely color your hair silver or gray, or embrace your natural gray hair. There are many different colors of silver or gray hair, from a pale, dazzling silver to a dark, smokey gray. 


In the realm of hair color, the options are limitless. From vibrant reds to luscious blondes and beyond, there is a hair color for every personality and style. Why settle for a single hair color when you can explore the enchanting world of hair transformations? 

Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or simply enhance your natural beauty, these seven hair color options await your discovery. Accept the enchantment of transformation and allow your hair to become a vibrant canvas for self-expression.

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