Glossier Jelly Cleanser Review: Why Everyone Is Hyped Over It

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Published on Dec 26, 2023 Skin
Glossier Jelly Cleanser Review: Why Everyone Is Hyped Over It

Discovering the perfect face wash for my reactive and sensitive skin has been an ongoing journey. During my teenage years, I didn't experiment with as many products as I do now. Thanks to favorable genetics, I remained breakout-free until my mid-twenties when hormonal acne made an appearance. Faced with this new challenge, I began testing different products regularly, almost daily, in an attempt to banish the breakouts that bothered me. My go-to starting point was always switching my face wash, but unfortunately, many of the options I tried contained harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide. These only left my skin dry, scaly, and more irritated.

Choosing a cleanser involves considering your individual skin sensitivities and allergies, which vary from person to person. While most cleansers on the market are generally safe, individuals with sensitive skin should steer clear of those with excessive surfactants or foaming agents, as they tend to strip away natural hydrators, leaving the skin overly dry.

Glossier Jelly Cleanser Review

Enter Glossier's bestselling Milky Jelly Cleanser, a product that piqued my interest. Touted as one of the brand's most hyped launches, beauty editors and influencers alike swore by its ability to cleanse the skin and remove makeup without causing irritation. Intrigued, I decided to put it to the test.

Glossier Jelly Cleanser

During my initial use, I applied two pumps to dry skin, massaging it in for a few minutes. I let it sit while I brushed my teeth, allowing it to break up the full-coverage foundation I had applied earlier that day. Rinsing it off with my hands, as Glossier's founder Emily Weiss recommended in her instructional video, I conducted a white cloth check. Without a fresh white cloth on hand, I used a cotton pad and was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the makeup had disappeared. Being a double cleanser, I followed up with another wash, leaving my skin clean but not uncomfortably tight.

Is Glossier Jelly Cleanser Worth It?

After just a week of incorporating the Milky Jelly Cleanser into my skincare routine for my dehydrated and inflamed skin, I now understand why it has garnered so many positive reviews. It instantly made my skin less itchy and helped a lot with the acne scars, blemishes, and dullness.

So it’s an absolute YES if you ask me if it's worth it or not.What sets this product apart is the opportunity to try it before committing to the full-size bottle. Glossier offers both a 2-ounce mini bottle for $9 and a 6-ounce full-size option for $18. Additionally, a little goes a long way, as I found that two pumps were sufficient to remove my full-coverage foundation, especially when accompanied by a warm white towel.

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