How To Get TikTok's Favorite Eyebrow Trend 'Soap Brows'

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Published on Sep 08, 2023 Makeup
How To Get TikTok's Favorite Eyebrow Trend 'Soap Brows'

If you are someone who is lucky enough to be blessed with bushy eyebrows like me, you must haven’t given the Soap Brow trend the attention it deserves (Just like me). Well, I am that kind of person who rarely fills their eyebrows and only uses a pinch of gel to keep them still and that too happens rarely. Few days back I was out of my gel and wanted a more bushy brow look so that was the time I got into the deets of this eyebrow trend, which Tiktok has blessed us with.

What Are Soap Brows?

Soap Brows

The idea behind this trend is straightforward: Instead of relying on a traditional brow gel, you employ a simple bar of soap to sculpt and secure your eyebrows in position. This technique, though recently popularized by beauty bloggers, has a long-standing history as a classic makeup artist and drag queen secret, regularly applied during photo shoots over the years. Beyond its cost-effectiveness, soap proves to be an ideal choice for achieving those coveted, luxuriously full, and elegantly brushed-up eyebrows that gel alone often falls short of achieving.

How To Do Soap Brows?

Are you curious about how soap brows work in real-life scenarios beyond the realm of social media? Let's dive into how useful and simple this TikTok trend is. Firstly, it's important to note that this technique is most suitable for someone with naturally longer and darker eyebrows. If you're in the process of regrowing your eyebrows after over-plucking, you might not achieve the same results. Another important consideration is if you typically fill in your brows with stains. Soap brows may not be the best choice for you, as the soap can potentially shift the pigment around. Also, if you have thin brows, a traditional brow gel might be a more suitable option, as the pressing and shaping involved in soap brows could potentially slow down hair growth.

Soap Brows

Now, let's get into the depths of how to actually implement soap brows on yourself. All you need is a bar of soap (preferably a clear one like Pears Original), a disposable spoolie brush, and some water or setting spray. Begin by soaking your brush with water and lightly sliding it over the soap. Be careful not to overdo it, as excessive moisture can cause lathering and result in a whitish appearance. You want the brush to be just slightly damp. Next, gently press your brows in the direction of hair growth—first upwards, then sideways, and finally downward. The outcome? Brows that are effectively held in place, yet appear incredibly natural. Honestly, I was doubtful of soap brows back then. If it were such a game-changer, why weren't people ditching their brow gels altogether? However, I was pleasantly surprised by how user-friendly it turned out to be. I adore the way it keeps my brows looking fuller and fluffy, and it maintains this look throughout the day without any flakiness or clumps. Plus, the process isn't messy at all (like it sounds), and I found myself spending less time on my brows than usual.

Products To Achieve Soap Brows

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Just keep in mind that if you want to achieve the perfect soap brows on yourself then using only the right amount of soap will do the job. Because if you overdo it, the soap eyebrow effect will look more like a watery and muddy effect which nobody likes to see. To find the perfect soap that suits your brows, you have to experiment by using different soaps to achieve those perfect TikTok soap brows.

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