Ways To Apply Eyeliner Like A Pro

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Published on Aug 16, 2023 Makeup
Ways To Apply Eyeliner Like A Pro

I hope I have rescued you from the nightmare of “not being able to apply eyeliner equally and properly on both of your eyes professionally”. Today, I have come up with a great number of techniques that will help you apply the eyeliner like a pro so won’t have to rub off your makeup products again and again. I am familiar with the immense efforts that girls usually have to put on while applying eyeliner to get the perfect winged shape or any other.

I am sure such people exist who agree with me that applying eyeliner is the most crucial step in your makeup process. It completely transforms your makeup look and gives you a dramatic touch. The best thing about eyeliner is that it suits everyone irrespective of the type of eyes you have or the kind of complexion you have. 

Tips & Tricks To Apply Eyeliner Like A Pro

Liquid Liner

Rare Beauty - Matte Liquid Liner
Rare Beauty - Matte Liquid Liner ($21)

Make sure to shake the eyeliner properly for a few seconds when the lid is still on. Don’t open it immediately; wait for the liquid to settle so that it may not run into your eyes when you are applying it.

To apply it perfectly, first of all, scrape off the excess liner that is dripping and start applying it from the center of the top lash line by pressing it against the upper lash line. Make your way toward the outer edge.

After reaching the edge, stop right there and start applying it from the inner corner until both lines have met. Use short and steady strokes to join your lines together and fill in any gaps. Intensify your look with a perfect wing by starting the application from the outside corner of the lower lash line. Create an upward slope with the help of a business card or tape by holding it against the outer corner of the eye.

Gel Liner

Bobbi Brown - Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
Bobbi Brown - Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ($34)

It requires a liner brush to use the gel liner. First of all, you need to dab only the tip of the brush into the pot. Apply liner to inner and outer corners. Apply liner from the inner lash line to the center, but leave the space unfilled.

Apply liner to the middle of the lash line and go to the outside corner. If your eyelids cover your eyeliner, apply it in an arch. This will assist you to see the liner when you open your eyes. The gel liner dries rapidly, so make sure that you replace the lid after using it.

Do not forget to fill your lash line by sweeping it back and forth. Once you have lines on the inner and outer margins, fill in any middle lash line gaps. Lightly touch your upper lash line to produce an even line. You may need to repeat the line to make it bold and even.

Pencil Liner 

URBAN DECAY - 24/7 Waterline Eyeliner Pencil
URBAN DECAY - 24/7 Waterline Eyeliner Pencil ($25)

Do not apply the pencil liner until you have sharpened the pencil with an eyeliner pencil sharpener to create a thick line. If you want to achieve a more rounded and thick line, dull the pencil by rubbing the tip of the pencil on the tissue.

The next step calls for adjusting the consistency. Create a smokey and velvety look by giving the pencil liner a gentle blow dry. Before putting the liner on your eyes, test the small area of your wrist. Do not forget to cool the eyeliner in the freezer for ten minutes so that it does not crumble.

Get the perfectly straight and leveled line by placing your fingers at the outside edge of your lashes and pulling outwards to tighten up the top eyelid. If your hand is shaking and ruining the application, achieve stability by resting your hand on the table.

You can achieve an even line by drawing a thick line at the outer corner of your lash line and moving inwards gently to get a thin line. Make your eyes look bigger by coloring the inner corner of your upper lash line with a lighter shade. Do not forget to fill in the gaps to get a natural look.

Cream Liner

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Waterproof Matt Creme Liner
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Waterproof Matt Creme Liner ($18)

When using a cream liner, you need to moisten your brush by dipping it into the pot and stirring it around. A tiny, firm, angled brush gives the desirable results. Make sure that you have cleansed your face and primed your eyes before applying cream liner so that it does not get smudged.

You will have to apply cream eyeliner by starting from the outer corner and with the help of light strokes working your way toward the inner corner. In the case of using a cream liner, you will feel the need to refill your brush more often. 

Tilt your head back a little so you can look at yourself in the mirror with your eyes slightly open. This will smooth your eyelids and help you see your lash line while applying liner. A single layer of cream liner is never enough. To make it darker and saturated, apply additional coats as per the requirement. 


Remember one thing “Practice makes a man perfect”. No matter how many techniques you are aware of, as long as you have not practiced and not worked upon your confidence, you can never be a pro in makeup application Embrace your uniqueness and without any fear modify these suggestions to fit with your circumstances. Your eyeliner application skills will quickly improve with time and practice.

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