Everything You Need To Know About Blowout Hair Treatment

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Everything You Need To Know About Blowout Hair Treatment

Most of us give ourselves blowouts only when there is an event we have to attend or when we get a haircut, but there is another way we can get a blowout that stays even after washing our hair. Surprised? Well don’t be. There is now a blowout hair treatment that can be done on your hair to make it look frizz free, shinier, healthy, and just flawless for more than a month.

Instead of blow drying your hair every day, damaging your hair, and always running late because of the lengthy process, here’s your chance to save your time and get yourself a blowout hair treatment which stays for a maximum of three months if you take off the blowout. Making the blowout hair treatment last includes less hair washing, less heat styling or at least using heat protectant every time you do, and lastly use sulfate free and harsh chemical free hair products. While this was just a quick overview of the process, now let’s get into the details of the blowout hair treatment and everything one must know before getting it.

What Is A Blowout Hair Treatment?

What Is A Blowout Hair Treatment?

A blowout forms a protective layer around each hair strand by utilizing a liquid keratin formula. Keratin, a natural protein present in hair, skin, nails, and teeth, enhances hair strength and smoothness when applied in increased amounts. This results in a temporary boost, making the hair appear fuller and glossier. Notably, keratin is also found in horns, hoofs, claws, feathers, and wool, with  blowout treatments typically sourcing keratin from birds and animals. Additional chemicals are necessary to facilitate the bonding of keratin to the hair.

How To Prep Hair For A Blowout Hair Treatment?

For those desiring light and bouncy hair, it is essential to eliminate any buildup before styling. In the absence of a proper wash, dry strands can feel tacky, undermining the effort invested in styling. While expressing a preference for moisturizing shampoo or an apple cider vinegar rinse to ensure thorough cleansing, the author highlights the benefits of the latter, particularly for those prone to dandruff or dealing with buildup on scalp

Blowout Hair Treatment vs Keratin Treatments

Contrasting various keratin treatments, the blowout stands out for its flexibility. It allows for a shorter waiting period before hair washing (two to three days compared to four to seven for other treatments) and permits the styling of any desired hairstyle without causing dents in the newly smoothed hair. 

Additionally, the blowout is emphasized as a smoothing treatment rather than a straightening one, making it suitable for those who prefer curls or waves while seeking to minimize frizz. It is touted as an option that maintains existing hair texture while delivering the desired attributes of shine, volume, and a frizz-free finish.

What Is The Process Of A Blowout Hair Treatment?

Every process has some essential factors to consider and blowout hair treatment has some too, so let’s have a quick look at how blowout hair is done and what are the necessary steps one has to take to achieve a good blowout.

  • Start by cleansing your hair and scalp with shampoo to eliminate any existing products. This initial step is crucial in clearing and preparing your hair for the treatment.
  • Apply the keratin solution from the roots to the ends. Your stylist will systematically apply the solution section by section, using a comb to ensure even distribution through damp hair.
  • Utilize a blow dryer to activate the chemicals. The heat will trigger the formula, creating a seal around each strand. The stylist will blow dry each section for a few minutes, allowing the formula to bond and form a protective layer.
  • Employ a flat iron to further seal the treatment. Working at 380 to 450 degrees (depending on your hair type), the stylist will straighten each section. However, if you prefer to retain your curl pattern, you can request to skip this step entirely.
  • Rinse out your hair using a sulfate-free shampoo and a deep conditioner. The deep conditioner will remain in your hair for approximately ten minutes to ensure complete removal of the treatment.
  • Conclude the process with another round of blow drying. After applying protective styling products like leave-in conditioner and heat protectant, your hair will be dried one last time. This ensures you leave the salon with a voluminous and frizz-free look. Note: You also have the option to air-dry or use a diffuser to maintain your curl pattern.

Does Blowout Hair Treatment Damage Your Hair?

Does Blowout Hair Treatment Damage Your Hair?

It's crucial to acknowledge the presence of formaldehyde in blowouts, as it is a key component in the treatment. Although formaldehyde itself doesn't directly harm the hair shaft, the solution containing formaldehyde can potentially irritate the scalp. Prolonged exposure to formaldehyde gas released during the heating process may also present health hazards. Addressing the issue of formaldehyde, the International Journal of Trichology notes that Brazil was among the pioneers in incorporating formaldehyde into hair treatments, introducing it with the blowout in the early 2000s. Subsequently, formaldehyde has been linked to health concerns, including cancer and long-term side effects such as skin irritation, respiratory issues, and headaches.

Ongoing research aims to identify potential health risks associated with formaldehyde. In a particular study, seven individuals developed eczema-like symptoms after undergoing a blowout. Others experienced increased hair brittleness, dryness, and loss, correlated with the intensity of heat styling. The risk of damage, scalp irritation, and chemical exposure during a blowout is influenced by the tools and techniques employed, as well as the skill and familiarity of the stylist with the necessary procedures. For individuals who are pregnant, planning to conceive, or breastfeeding, it is advisable to postpone getting a blowout. A study conducted in Brazil revealed that formaldehyde and other chemicals utilized in the treatment can make these groups more susceptible to health issues.

How Much Does A Blowout Hair Treatment Cost?

There are alot of factors that impact the cost of a blowout hair treatment which includes your hair length, how much your hair weigh and the thickness of them, and the texture are some of the most important things that impacts this process's cost. Those with shorter hair and with naturally straight hair are fortunate for this process as they will have to pay a lot less than the ones with long hair, curly hair, frizzy texture, and thick hair. Short and thin hair takes a lot less time and chemicals than long and thick hair.

Blowout hair treatment cost usually ranges between $75 to $400, and again it totally depends on your hair condition and how much chemical and time needed for the process. Most people think it’s too much whole other are completely okay with it as they actually last for three months max and two months minimum depending on how much you care for them, that includes washing durations, using of heat tools, weekly hair care treatments, and making sure you are using sulfate free hair products.

How To Maintain Blowout Hair To Make It Last?

A blowout hair treatment is more temporary as compared to any other hair treatments. This blowout stays for three months max, depending how you care for the blowout hair treatment. If you really want to make the treatment last it is suggested to focus on the haircare, as maintaining a hair care routine will help the blowout to last longer than usual. By haircare I mean to avoid using harsh chemical infused products, whether it’s your shampoo that contains sulfate or a hair treatment that contains a chemical that can ruin the blowout. Always try to use sulfate free hair products as it is not only bad for the blowout but for your overall hair health.

Another way you can help your blowout hair last longer is to cut off excessive heat styling like straightening, curling, crimping, and blow drying your hair every other day. And if you are a regular user of these hairstyling tools then don’t ever forget to use heat protectant so you atleast make sure there is 1% chance they will last longer than you think. Or you can also go for natural ways for styling your hair, like you can naturally curl your hair without heat, for example you can use heatless hair curling wands which are easily available at Amazon, Walmart, Etsy or any retailer near you.
You should be oiling your hair once a week and it’s a plus plus if you try and incorporate hair masks in your monthly or weekly hair care routine. These are actually a plus point one could add in their routine to maintain healthy hair overall and most importantly this blowout process.

There is also a way where you can even take care of your hair while sleeping and it can be done by using a silk pillowcase which helps reduce the friction that creates the frizz in your hair and you often wake up with frizz and poppy hair. While, for securing your hair, you should also opt for silk scrunchies instead of elastics. The best way to sleep for maintaining good hair health is to do a loose braid on your hair before sleeping to keep the strands secure, free of frizz, and reduce hair loss.


Every hair type and texture will have a different experience with the duration of the blowout hair treatment and the cost as well. But, beside every other factor in this process, it’s definitely worth going for this process as this process includes almost bare chemicals and lasts longer for three months at least which literally sounds good at the cost range of $75 to $400.

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