Top Black Dress With Red Heels Combo You Need To Recreate

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Published on Sep 20, 2023 Fashion
Top Black Dress With Red Heels Combo You Need To Recreate

Let’s ditch our black and white combo, and add a pop of cherry on top by stepping into the amazing fashion trend of mixing and matching black dresses with red heels. In fashion we cannot say that we are out of ideas and styling tips nor we can say that it's impossible for two of the colors to work, because there is no “no '' in fashion. With a black and red combo you can play around both the dresses and heels design to create a bunch of outfits to stay on the trend no matter what the occasion is.

Black Dress With Red Heels Combos To Try

From a classic mini dress in black and red pumps to red knee-high boots, our favorite black dress and red heels combo is perfect for anyone.

Classic Look

We always crave classic red and black classic and minimal appeal of red and black together, and all of us most probably own one of our dresses and heels in black for sure. Well, a crisp mini black dress with minimal detailing like this one in all you need to put together a classic combo of red and black. While for the heels, we will go for pumps in classic red shade to add all the twisty vibes to the overall outfit. With the mini dress I would suggest you to go with the pointed-toe heels to add some height to the look.


French Connection - Whisper Ruth Mini Dress
 French Connection - Whisper Ruth Mini Dress ($138) 


Anthropologie - Pointed-Toe Pump Heels
Anthropologie - Pointed-Toe Pump Heels ($150)

Cold Weather Look

All we need in a cold weather is a perfect leather dress in black that just does the right job with the style of ours. A black leather dress is a perfect addition to the fall wardrobe to create a bunch of outfits for the late fall season. Now that we have gone crisp and clean with the leather dress, let’s add a layer of extra warmth to your legs with the hot red knee-high boots. These are in a little shiny texture and that's what adds a twist to the crisp leather look and is a bold color for all your winter blues.


Abercrombie & Fitch - Leather Mini Dress
Abercrombie & Fitch - Leather Mini Dress ($80)


Asos - Over The Knee Heel Boots
Asos - Over The Knee Heel Boots ($99.99)

Summer Girl Look

It’s not only me who loves to flaunt all those puffy short-sleeved dresses all summer long, right? Because even a girl who lives in Pjs 24/7 loves to dress up in dresses during the season and beyond. This dress is perfect to satisfy your inner summer girl cravings and get inside this dress to make a statement. As dramatic and detailed as the dress, we choose a heel equally dramatic and fun. Ditch the classic pumps and boring heels by opting for this pointed-toe hot red one to make people stare wherever you go.


        Quince - Puff Sleeve Midi Dress      
 Quince - Puff Sleeve Midi Dress ($69.90)


 Kenneth Cole - Romi Sling Heel
Kenneth Cole - Romi Sling Heel ($129)

Wedding Guest Look

Who doesn’t want to walk in and make a bold statement at your loved ones wedding events? Well, a red and black combo is worth trying for the next event that's coming up. This dress is the perfect choice as it has just the right vibe for the wedding. It has a halter neck, open-back detailing, and last but not the least side-slit that’s a bit flirty vibe. The slit detailing in the dress makes this heel stand out more as these cherry red heels catch all the attention at the bottom. A sculptural heel, square-toe design and an ankle strap detailing is what we need to step into a wedding event like a true fashionista.


Anthropologie - Crepe Gown
Anthropologie - Crepe Gown ($220)


   Charles & Keith - Open Toe Curved Heels
Charles & Keith - Open Toe Curved Heels ($56)


When it comes to fashion, creativity is key. However, a black dress with a pair of red heels is an iconic combination that never goes out of style. Whether you're going for a classic, elegant look or a bold, statement-making outfit, this combo is versatile and always looks chic. Give it a try and see how it can elevate your wardrobe.

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