7 Classic Dark Academia Outfits For Your Instagram Feed

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Published on Oct 25, 2023 Fashion
7 Classic Dark Academia Outfits For Your Instagram Feed

If you want to add a hint of October fashion, those unfolds through two distinctive paths. On one side, there's the spirited celebration of Halloween every day, characterized by spider and ghost prints, bewitching dresses, and sweaters adorned in the colors of black, orange, and red. On the other, a more subtle approach beckons, involving long trench coats, hooded sweaters, and a cascade of earth-toned layers. If your inclination leans towards the latter, let us introduce you to the enchanting fusion of spookiness and glamor known as dark academia.

The dark academic aesthetic paints a portrait reminiscent of a traditional European boarding school. Its wardrobe comprises classic prep school essentials—sweater vests, meticulously tailored trousers, crisp collar shirts, Oxford loafers, sweeping trench coats, petite leather backpacks, and plaid skirts paired with knee-high socks—all weaving together to evoke the timeless image of a scholarly figure from the 1940s.

Rooted in vintage inspiration, dark academia outfits place a strong emphasis on thrifted elements within the ensemble. Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok showcase this aesthetic alongside antiquated items such as typewriters, Polaroids, and record players. The influence of modern television series like "The Queen’s Gambit," "The Magicians," and "The Umbrella Academy," as well as literary works such as Leigh Bardugo’s "Ninth House," further enrich the aesthetic with a nostalgic nod to vintage looks set within the ambiance of a school.

Instagram-Worthy Dark Academia Outfits

If this trend resonates with your style preferences, don your favorite trench coat, clutch your leather-bound edition of "The Picture of Dorian Gray," and delve into these inspired looks.

Classic Dark Academia Outfit

If you have seen Queen’s Gambit, you must have admired Beth's mini dress with bow detailing and a pop of white is giving just the right amount of justice to the dark academia vibe. For the ones who need an effortless dark academia outfit then this one is too easy to recreate, pair your bow detailed mini dress with a crisp and clean flatform loafers to get the look.


Valentino Garavani Crepe Mini Dress
Valentino Garavani Crepe Mini Dress ($4500)


Lulus Maysie Black Flatform Loafers
Lulus Maysie Black Flatform Loafers ($32)

Cool Girl Dark Academia Outfit

Yes girl, you don't need to ditch colors if you are following the dark academia aesthetic, you only need to add dark toned colors so you can keep the balance between the playful and dark vibes of the look. For this look you need a burnt mustard vest, really baggy black jeans, and for footwear I would suggest wearing your favorite high-end sneakers to show off your cool side.


Madewell Button-Front Sweater Vest
Madewell Button-Front Sweater Vest ($75)


Anthropologie Tapered Jeans
Anthropologie Tapered Jeans ($148)

Fall Dark Academia Outfit

Plaid pants, cropped leather jacket, and funky loafers is all that fall calls for. This is all the dark academia vibe we crave and all the warmth that fall weather needs. This is also the bare minimum effort outfit which only requires a leather jacket, a plaid pants, loafers (all neutral shades) and a turtleneck if you need an extra layer of warmth and you are good to go.


Walter Baker Leather Jacket
Walter Baker Leather Jacket ($698)


Sanctuary Crop Pants
Sanctuary Crop Pants ($89)

Cute Dark Academia Outfit

Dark Academia trend doesn’t say we cannot show our soft and cute side, right? So, here is a cute and feminine outfit for you all which can easily be recreated and slayed at any occasion. What you need to put together this look is a cute plaid mini skirt in gray tones or you can also choose neutral tones as they also give off a dark academia vibe and go with almost any other color. While for the top you need a full sleeve body-hugging top in dark chocolate shade to add that extra pop of dark academia to your look, and lastly for the footwear you should choose ankle boots that do just the right job.


Madewell V-Neck Top
Madewell V-Neck Top ($40)


Lulus Plaid Mini Skirt
Lulus Plaid Mini Skirt ($35)

Fancy Night Out Dark Academia Outfit

We all need a cool and dark feminine dress that's exactly the best combination of femininity and dark academia trend, right? Well, we have put together this amazing look for you all. This one is the most effortless and stylish for the night out, you just need a classy burnt red dress with a side slit detailing so you can show off some skin as well and for a little more show off you need your classic pair of knee high boots to complete the look for you.


Anthropologie Strapless Midi Dress
Anthropologie Strapless Midi Dress ($128)


Lulus Knee High Boots
Lulus Knee High Boots ($56)

Stylish Dark Academia Outfit

Style? We have not even started yet. This is what we call stylish in the dark academia aesthetic, an effortless, classy, and luxurious look that screams style, fashion, and iconic features. All the accessories and pieces used in this look are the wardrobe staples that everybody owns. To get this look, pair your strapless rich gray jumpsuit, a black blazer, a silver choker, and classic black sunglasses with a crisp white pair of sneakers.


WAYF Strapless Jumpsuit
WAYF Strapless Jumpsuit ($138)


Madewell Relaxed Blazer
Madewell Relaxed Blazer ($166)

Monochrome Dark Academia Outfit

We also want a dark academia aesthetic to take to the beach getaways and sun soaking adventures. So, here is a great and stylish way you can put together a monochromatic dark academia outfit with a matching set in beige, a bandana to add a pop of colors, and go barefoot on the sands to have the best time. Also if you want to add footwear you can add clogs or beach sandals to create a perfect beachy look.


Peixoto Rhea Knit Crop Top
Peixoto Rhea Knit Crop Top ($78)


Peixoto Leni Knit Skirt
Peixoto Leni Knit Skirt ($108)


Okay so, we all need to bless our instagram feeds with our best looks possible and there is no other way to show off our neutral and minimal side then putting together some of the hottest Dark Academia Outfits. Well, the dark academia trend is highly versatile, simple and timeless. You can create a bunch of outfits in a blink of an eye and with only the pieces you have in your wardrobe without getting yourself new ones.

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